As you are constantly recruiting new talents, you know that seeking, improving and formatting resumes is tedious and time-consuming.

In order to make you much more productive, we offer you:

  • A resumes library specific to your company with a powerful search engine built-in.
  • An intuitive resume editor and rendering engine producing CVs in Word and PDF formats that conform to your company's graphic charter.
  • A very entertaining application tracking system.

We have prices affordable to all. Contact us for more information.

Our solutions

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Auto resume importing and rendering

In a few seconds, import the candidate's resume, modify it with the editor (if necessary), and then render it in your company format.

Still not convinced? Our one-minute video proves it.

Sourcing & Matching

For us, a resume is much more than plain text… It has a special meaning. So no need to search by keyword, find the right candidate immediately.

Do you need unusual resumes? Our bank of resumes of consultants will provide them.

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